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Human activities inevitably affect the environment

However, the extent of this impact may be substantially different, depending on factors such as determined environmental requirements, the nature of current activities, implementation of pollution reduction measures, waste treatment methods, and others. Reducing the negative impact of human activity on the environment may be costly, but it also may help to solve problems with providing additional benefits. Everything depends on attitude and choice of solutions, from legislation which encourages seeking effective solutions and from the ability to choose.

We are ready to jointly find the best solutions for the formulation of environmental policy and development of draft legislation for its implementation, assessment of the situation and selection and implementation of effective measures to solve the problem.

Sustainable development : what will our future be?

Development issues in society always lead to a lot of passion and debate. Each project, no matter is it in preparation stage or is already developed, attracts attention of many public groups,
both from supporters and opponents. This issue is relevant not only in the planning of large areas, but in the planning and construction of individual projects as well. Is the peaceful coexistence of both sides possible?

An acceptable solution to all interested groups in society is possible only through the consistency and quality of development. How to achieve it, by what means, what is the experience of other countries in this field - these are the essential questions to which we can find answers together.

Energy efficiency in a building depends on its characteristics, developed during design, construction and operation

It is associated with the technical solutions chosen and the materials and engineering equipment used as well as with needs of building owners and their attitude to maintenance. This energy-saving potential has not yet been properly employed. It depends not only on financial and technical feasibility to renovate old buildings, but also on the understanding of economic and environmental benefits. An incorrectly-assessed situation or selected measures may mean increasing costs with questionable social benefit.

Working together we can get properly prepared for the energy saving and heat retention requirements while building new buildings and renovating existing ones, selecting the best strategy for renovation and implementing effective energy saving measures.

Renewable energy sources are one of the areas which is receiving the most attention

Rising costs of fossil fuel resources and an increasing concern for the challenges of climate change encourage intensification of research and production efforts. At the same time they lead to rapid technological changes, new products and effective solutions, allowing to decrease energy production costs, which in turn allow to reassess areas that previously seemed not viable. There are more and more possibilities to get energy from waste, which are now creating a number of proper treatment problems.

We believe that the self energy supply alternatives must be considered everywhere in everyday life and in economy sectors. We are sure that addressing these issues together, we can achieve useful results for our clients and for the environment.

European Union funds provide additional opportunities for implementing projects in different areas

Such support is greatly necessary to strengthen and expand public and private sectors in the development and renewal of infrastructure, strengthening of professional skills, improvement of the interaction between science and practice. However, the actual result depends not only on the amount of resources used. It is important to properly define and justify the idea of the project, to select effective, innovative measures for the implementation, to mobilize partners, to ensure implementation and the continuity of the results. We use these criteria in our company activities as well, and have no doubt that by working together we can successfully implement them.